Great Lakes Lighthouse Illumination Seeing The Light

Lighthouse Illumination technology through the years


Argand and Lewis lamps
The story of the Aimee Argand's lamp and how Winslow Lewis stole his design and successfully introduced it to the USA in the form of the Lewis Patent Lamp
The Classic Fresnel Lens
Young French Physicist Augustin Jean Fresnel, and how his pioneering work in lighthouse optics live on to this day

Second Order
Third Order
Third-and-a-Half Order
Fourth Order
Fifth Order
Sixth Order
The Acetylene lamp and Sun Valve (coming soon)
The combination system which paved the way for automation
The Aerobeacon
Originally designed for airfield use, these rotating beacons became widely used with electrification.
Acrylic Optics - 250mm Automatic Power
Acrylic Optics - 300mm Tidelands Signal

Solar powered, compact, and relatively maintenance free, these optics quickly became the standard throughout the Coast Guard system. 
Acrylic Optics - Vega Rotating VRB-25
The rotating light returns to the Great Lakes 
The LED optic array
The next step in lighthouse illumination

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